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Proper Training Can Eliminate Many Hazards In The Electrical Trade

Any employee that works with electrical wiring or equipment should attend an Arc Flash Electrical Safety Program Florida. These arcs and shock hazards can be the most dangerous to employees. In addition to causing serious injury, they can also result in death. There are many requirements in a workplace that the NFPA 70E requires for implementation of this program within a business as well as using the proper protective equipment when dealing with these types of hazards. This type of training program can help to eliminate serious injuries to the employees and lower Worker’s Compensation incidents.

Some of the NFPA 70E requirements have fundamental requirements for ensuring a safe workplace. These are:

Job briefing.

Electrical Safety Program.

Training Requirements.

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Contractor and Employer responsibilities.

Establishing a safe working condition.

Electrical Work Permit.

One of the best ways to start this type of program is by contacting a company that is experienced in arc flash consulting Florida. They will be able to conduct an electrical hazard analysis involving shock hazards and arc flash hazards. A company seeking this type of assistance will have to determine what the available fault current is currently coming from the utility. They will also need to know the conduit type, cable types and sizes as well as the lengths. There is more information that will need to be obtained in order to perform and analysis. When the analysis is complete, it can deliver the potential incident energy that is released at every energized point in the distribution system.

OSHA requires employees to use the proper protective equipment when working with hazards in which engineering and administrative controls are not effective in limiting exposure. It is the employer’s responsibility to determine when this type of equipment must be work to protect their employees. Understanding and protecting employees can improve business productivity as well as profitability can be achieved by receiving the proper training in this area. Don’t leave employee exposed to dangerous hazards in the workplace. The NFPA 70E requirements can be fully met by any company including large or small businesses. Prevent very costly hazards with this specialized training.

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